Create: Linked Questions

For all question types, you can create linked, two-part questions with adaptive scoring rules. The questions are connected, or linked, at the test level. Clicking the link icon within the test enables the author to create scoring rules for different scenarios.

1. Select Tests & Quizzes from the left sidebar and then choose the My Test Library tab.

2. Select the test for which you would like to create linked questions.


3. The questions you wish to link should first be created as separate questions. Once the two questions are created, hover over the gear icon to the far right of the question you wish to link, and select one of the following options:

    • Link to Previous: Select Link to Previous if you wish to link to the question that precedes the selected question.
    • Link to Next: Select Link to Next if you wish to link to the question that follows the selected question.

You will not see the option to link questions if the Randomize question order setting is applied to your test. You will be able to link all question types except Instructions Only.


4. After selecting Link to Previous or Link to Next, a pop-up window will open allowing you to preview the linking.   In the pop-up window, each question’s text will be listed as Part A and Part B.

Linked questions are created for two reasons:

    • To make separate (but related) questions appear on the same page for a user to view at the same time when taking a test. This is called Independent Scoring.
    • To make the scoring for one question dependent on the scoring of another question. This is called Dependent scoring.

With Independent scoring, both questions will be scored independently of each other based on the scoring logic provided in each question itself. Do not check the Dependent scoring box if you wish to have both questions scored independently of each other. 


If linked questions have Dependent scoring checked, use the dropdown menu to select from one of two options:

  • Only give credit for Part B if student obtains full credit for Part A.
  • Only give credit for Part B if student obtains partial credit for Part A. 



5. Select the green Create Link button to create the link. The linked questions will now appear in the test with a chain-link icon between them.

6.  To preview the linked questions, hover over the gear icon to the far right of either question and select Preview from the drop-down menu.  Please note that the preview mode will show one question at a time. 


However, the student view will display both questions on one page.


7. To edit or remove the linking of questions, hover over the gear icon to the far right of either linked question and select Edit/Remove Scoring Link. Alternatively, you can select the chain-link icon to edit or remove the scoring link.


8. In the scoring link pop-up window, update the linked scoring by selecting or deselecting the Dependent scoring checkbox or by switching the dropdown from full to partial (or vice versa).  Select the green Update Link button to edit the scoring rules.


9. Select Delete scoring link to remove the link. The questions will remain in the test and will revert back to their original point values when they were created/added to the test.