Copy: Question in Question Bank

This topic covers how to copy an existing question in a question bank.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes on the left sidebar.

  2. Select the My Test Library tab to access your test library.

  3. Hover over the Item Banks button, and select Question Bank from the drop-down menu.


  4. A list of all available question banks will display. Select the name of the question bank that contains the question you wish to copy. In order to copy a question from a list of your own questions, select My Questions.


  5. If you've selected a question bank from another Owner, the far right column will display a padlock icon for each question.  You will not be able to edit, delete or share these questions.  


    You are able to copy a question from another owner's bank by doing the following steps first:
    1. Add Question from Question Bank
    2. Copy Question in a Test

  6. If the questions are not padlocked, hover over the gear icon and select Edit to the right of the question you wish to copy.

    If you do not see Edit next to a question, then you have been given View only permissions for the question. You will not be able to edit the question.


  7. On the Edit Question page, select the create a copy hyperlink at the top.

    When you create a copy of a question you will be able to edit the copy without changing the original question.


  8. On the next screen, you can edit the copy of the question (such as changing the question text).


  9. Click the green Save Question button to save your changes.

  10. You will be taken back to the Question Bank. Note that the copied question will now be the last question listed in the Question Bank.