School Admins: Create Class Courses

This topics covers how to create class courses for your school.

Spotlight Report Cards are organized by Course. The order of the courses on the report cards is pre-set by each school for each grade.

  1. Select Class Courses from the left sidebar.

  2. Click the Create New Course button at the top of the page. The list ordering of class courses does not matter as you will tag classes to any course needed in a separate step (see end of article).  

  3. Enter the name of your course in the text box to the right of Course Name. The system accepts all alpha numeric characters.

    Note: For Spotlight Report Cards, you can add a maximum of 15 courses per school per year.

  4. Click the green Submit button to add the course to your school. 

  5. Class Courses need to be assigned to classes separately.  See Class Settings for Spotlight Report Cards next.