Teachers: Class Settings for Report Cards

If your school uses Spotlight Report Cards, your classes will need to be set to the appropriate Grade Level and Class Course to appear on the report card.  Check with your school administrator to determine the necessary settings for your class.

    1. Select Settings from the left sidebar.

    2. Select the drop down menu next to Grade Level and select the appropriate grade.


      Note: Engrade grade level settings are singular. If you have multi-grade level students in the same class, please select the lowest grade level.

      Note: Your school administrator will have determined the grade level and course order for each report card.

    3.  Select the drop down menu next to Class Course and select your course.


      Note: If you do not see the needed Course contact your school administrator.

    4. Click the green Submit button to save your grade level and/or class course.

    5. To edit the Grade Level and/or Class Course at anytime, select another grade level and/or course from their respective drop down menus and click the green Submit button to save your changes.

      Note: If your class is not set to the appropriate Grade Level Course it will not appear on Report Cards.