Export Teacher IDs

This topic covers how to export teacher IDs. The teacher ID value can be used to align specific teachers to classes in Engrade via the "Upload Class CSV" process.  Teacher IDs must first be exported out of Engrade and then transposed into the "Upload Class CSV" file.  The specific steps to take to correctly export teacher IDs are outlined below.


1. First, select Teachers from the left sidebar.


2. Hover over Options and select Export Teachers IDs from the drop down menu.


Note: Microsoft Excel has native settings that cause it to round numbers that exceed a certain amount of digits. Engrade's teacher ID numbers exceed that value, so Excel rounds the numbers. These rounded Excel numbers are then not accepted back into Engrade as they do not match the original teacher ID. To resolve this, there are a few steps you will need to take in Excel: 

  •  After you've selected Export Teacher IDs, the csv file will automatically download from your browser. *Do not open the file directly.*
  •  Navigate to Excel and start a new workbook.
  •  Click *File* on the top bar and select *Import* from the drop-down menu.
  •  Select CSV file and click *Import*.
  •  Choose the downloaded file from where you saved it on your computer and select *Get Data*.
  •  Set *Delimited* and click *Next >*.
  •  Under Delimiters, check only the box next to *Comma* and click *Next >*.
  •  In the Data preview window, click the column with the numbers you do not want to be rounded  (Teacher ID). Then, under Column data format, select *Text*.
  •  Click *Finish*.
  •  In the Import Data pop-up window, select *Existing sheet* and then click *OK*.

3. You will now have a file with the correct Engrade teacher IDs. Save the file for use later use.  If you are on a Mac computer, be sure to save the file as a Windows-Formatted Comma Separated Values file. 

4. We also recommend keeping the file open on your computer (in case you need to make any changes) until you have successfully uploaded the Class CSV file into your Engrade account. Sometimes if you save the file and close it Excel will round the numbers again, and you will have to start over.

5. Next, transpose the teacher IDs into the Class CSV file. See Upload Class CSV for more information.