Class vs. School Course Maps

This article discusses the differences between class level course maps and school level course maps. 

Class Course Maps

Under Class Course Maps you will see all course maps the teacher has created within the selected class. Class course maps are visible only in the class in which they were created. 


School Course Maps

Under School Course Maps you will see all school courses aligned with the class’s subject area and grade level. School course maps are automatically visible in all classes at the school with matching Grade Level and Subject Area settings.


Teachers can create their own Class course maps.  These course maps must match the class's Grade Level and Subject area settings.  Teachers can copy their own course maps to other classes they teach that have the same Grade Level and Subject area settings.  However, teachers can't share course maps to their school admin.  

School Admins:
School admins can create School course maps that will automatically be visible to any class that has matching Grade level and Subject area settings across the school.  However, although the course map will be visible to teachers of those classes, the teachers cannot edit a School course map.  

Curriculum Admins:
Curriculum Admins can also create School course maps that will automatically display in any class that has the matching Grade Level and Subject area settings.  Teachers will not be able to edit School course maps built by Curriculum admins either.  

Copy Course Maps:
School course map cannot be edited by a teacher once it appears in their class.  However the teacher can copy a School course map and turn it into their own personal Class course map. Their Class course map then belongs to them, and they can edit it as they see fit.  However, they won't be able to share their edited Class course map back up to their school admin or out to other teachers.


  1. Can I turn a Class course map into a School course map?
    • No, a School or Curriculum Admin cannot copy a Class course map and turn it into a School course map.  

  2. How can I share a course map to multiple classes?
    • If a course map needs to be shared out to multiple classes at once, then a school or curriculum admin should be the user type that creates a School course map.

  3. How can I view a course map outside of my class's Grade Level and Subject Area?
    • Use the blue buttons near the top right to change the Grade Level and Subject Area filters.