View Course Maps

This topic describes how to view existing course maps.

  1. Select Course Maps on the left sidebar to view all course maps created by school or curriculum admins at the school. 
    • Review the Grade Level, Subject, # of Folders, # of Materials and Standards of each course map.
    • Use the Subject and/or Grade Level filter buttons near the top right to filter the list of school course maps. 


    You will not be able to view class course maps at the school level. Navigate into a specific class to see class course maps.

  2. Hover over the gear icon to the right of a Course Map for additional options:
    • Select Edit Overview to edit the overview of the selected course map.
    • Select View Standards to view the standards tagged to the selected course map.
    • Select Edit Settings to edit the settings of the selected course map.
    • Select Delete to remove the selectedcourse map.  
    • Select Copy Course Map to create a copy of the selected course map.


  3. Select the name of the course map to view all units and content within it.

  4. To view the items within a particular folder, select the folder icon to expand the list of items.


  5. Select Teacher Overview at the top left to view the teacher overview for the course.

  6. Select Standards at the top left to view all standards tagged to the course. The ribbon icon next to each item indicates how many standards are tagged to that item. 

  7. If you would like to preview an item, select the item's name. The preview will open in a new browser window or tab.