View Item Analysis

This topic describes how to view student performance on each test question on the Item Analysis tab.

  1. Select your Class.

  2. Select Reporting from the left sidebar.

  3. You can select parameters and assessments to compare. The assessment results that display will match the class's Subject Area settings. If you would like to revise your compared assessments, click the Update Search Criteria button to be taken to the Assessment Results page to modify your parameters.


  4. Once you have results, you can view detailed information for an assessment by clicking on the assessment’s name in the blue column heading.


  5. Select the Item Analysis tab to see how each student performed on each question.


  6. In the top column, view what percentage of students in your class answered each question correctly.

  7. Select the question number (Q1, Q2, Q3…) in the top grey column header to view the full-length question and any tagged standards in a pop-up window.


  8. Sort the questions sequentially or by performance by hovering over the Sort Questions icon and clicking the desired option.


  9. Hover over the Groups button to filter assessment results by a particular student group: 


  10. Select the Export or Print buttons on the top right.

  11. Select a student’s name to view just their Item Analysis results.