Create: Test with Hints

This topic describes how to create a test with Hints, which allows students to view hints on questions while test-taking.

Note: In order to use Hints, the assessment has to be setup as a Practice or Homework type assessment.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes from the left sidebar.


  2. Select the My Test Library tab to see your tests.


  3. Select the name of a test to open it, or create a new test by selecting New Test.


    Note: If you need a step by step guide on how to create a new test, please see Create:Tests

  4. If you have opened an existing assessment, select Edit Test Settings to open the assessment edit page. If you are creating a new assessment, the Edit Test Settings page will be the first page you will see after selecting New Test.


  5. Set the assessment Type to Practice or Homework.


  6. Place a check in the box to the left of Hints which is found under the Policies section.


  7. After all assessment settings have been finalized, save your changes by selecting Submit at the bottom of the page.


  8. Next, you will create hints that are custom to specific questions. To create a question, hover over the Add New button, and select Question from the drop-down menu.


  9. Select any question type from the Question type drop-down menu.

    Note: The Instructions Only question type cannot have a hint.


  10. Complete the question information. Then scroll to the Hint section.


  11. Add a question hint as Text or Upload File:

    • Text: Add a question hint in plain text. If you select the show tools option found under Hint, you will be presented with a text editor that will allow you to add a question hint in rich text.

    • Upload File: You can upload a file that students will be able to access when they are taking the assessment.


  12. Once the question hint is set, select Save Question or Save & Edit Next if you are planning to create more questions for your assessment.


  13. To preview the question hint as it will appear for students, select Preview.


  14. Navigate to the question that contains the hint. Select the word Hint in blue, just above the question text.  


    • Plain or rich text hint:


    • Upload file hint:


  15. Close the hint box by selecting the white colored "x" in the right corner.