Add: Question from Question Pool

This article covers how to create a pool (or group) of questions to add to an assessment as a Teacher.  When adding a Question Pool, test authors can identify the point value for each question in the pool and the number of questions from the pool they'd like each student to randomly receive when taking the assessment.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes from the left sidebar. 


  2. Select the My Test Library tab to see your tests. 


  3. Select the assessment to which you would like to add a Question Pool to.


  4. Hover over the + Add New... tab and select + Question Pool.


  5.  Select a Question Bank.


  6. In the Question Bank, select the questions you would like to add to your pool by checking the + icon that appears to the left of each question.  The + icon will turn to a green check mark indicating you've added that question to your pool, and a green bar alerting you to the number of questions added to your pool will appear at the top.


    Note: Once you select a question, you will not be able to de-select it. If a question was selected in error, choose the Cancel button near the bottom. You will be brought back to your designated test and can add a question from question pool once again. 

  7. Use the search bar and/or filter buttons to quickly locate specific questions you would like to add to your pool:

    • Filter by Standard: filter available questions by standards.

    • Filters: filter available questions with advanced filtering options.

    • Select Bank: This will take you back to Step 5.

    • Search Bar: Keyword search.


  8.  Select the green Continue to Pool Settings button at the bottom when you have added all needed questions to your pool.


  9. In the Question Pool Info pop-up, enter the pool name, number of questions to pull, and the points per question.  Once finished, select Add


    Note: The pull number will be the number of questions each student is presented with from the Question Pool while taking the assessment.  These questions are randomly selected for each student.

  10. The Question Pool will be added to the assessment. Only the pull number will be added to the total number of questions in the assessment. This can be viewed in the # column on the left. 


  11. Select the arrow key on the Question Pool to expand the pool and review all the individual questions that make up the pool. In the Type column, review the number of questions that will be presented to students from the pool while test-taking. 


  12. There are three ways to alter your Question Pool:
    • To edit a Question Pool, hover over the gear icon and select Edit Options
    • To add a question from your Question Bank, select Add Q. from Question Bank. This will take you back to Step 5.
    • Select Delete to remove your Question Pool from the assessment. 


  13. While viewing a student's scoresheet you may see the following warning indicating that the student has not yet completed a question from the Question Pool:


    Note: Once the student completes the question and submits their assessment, the Scoresheet will reveal the specific question from the pool that the student answered.

  14. When viewing the results in the Item Analysis page, Question Pool items will be indicated in the column headers. 


    Note: The specific Question Pool assessment question will not be shown in the Item Analysis page. You can view the Question Pool assessment question by selecting the student's name on the grid.

  15. You can also add a Question Pool to a Section of a test by hovering over the gear icon to the left of the desired Section.  To do so, hover over the gear icon to the left of the test section name and select Add Q. Pool to Section. This will direct you back to Step 5