K-12 Readiness Testing Windows 17-18

The 2017-2018 Testing Window dates for K-12 Readiness Forms are listed below.


Kindergarten contains only 2 Forms:

K-Foundational > Administered in Form B window

K-Readiness > Administered in FormC window


Testing windows may be adjusted.



Are the Readiness tests to be administered within a specific time frame (recommended testing windows) or will it be a district based decision?

Answer: The recommended testing windows are listed above.  However, you can test outside of the windows.
If my district has instructed staff to administer during a window, can teachers still test outside of the window? Is there a cut off period on administering the Readiness tests?
Answer: Teachers can test outside of the recommended testing windows as the test will stay available within EngradePro. Each district's Acct Mngr will send communication as the end of the testing window approaches.
Will all forms stay available after their testing window has passed? 
Answer: Yes. All forms will remain available. They are labelled by Form A, Form B or Form C so there is no confusion as to which test should be launched in sequence.  


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