New Assignment Mode

Improvements to Assignments for BTS 2017

We are excited to announce some improvements to the Engrade Assignments app! 

Note:This is not available for all customers at this time.

1. Now, when you click on the blue New Assignment button from the Gradebook you will be prompted to select the kind of assignment you’d like to create. The Assignment Types are described below: 

  • Existing Assessment – select this option if you want to assign an existing assessment from your test library or assessment banks that you have access to.
  • Assessment – select this option if you want to create a new assessment
  • Instructions – select this option if you want to enter scores for a gradable offline activity.

    Note:If you need to create an assignment for the purposes of getting scores in the gradebook, select this option.

  • Submission – select this option if you want to create an assignment that allows students to submit work online. 

    NoteIf you want to create a Turn-In, select this option.


2. After selecting an assignment type you will be taken to the new Assignments page. Below is an image of what this page used to look like.


3. Now this page will be specific to the assignment type selected. If you have selected an Instructions Assignment you will see the screen shown below.


4. Improvements on this page include:

  • A tabbed workflow where users can easily jump to the section that pertains to them without having to scroll through a long page 
  • Ability for teachers to enter a Start Date and Time for Assignments. This allows teachers to have assignments that span a date range on the Calendar. 
  • Ability for teachers to control assignment visibility directly in the workflow. Previously this option was on the assignments landing page so users had to complete assignment creation and get back to the landing page to adjust the setting.





5. You may also note that the Turn-ins option in the left-hand navigation is missing. Instead of having a separate Turn-ins app the functionality is now built into the assignments app. Additionally, we have changed the language to “Submission.” To create a new Submission assignment, from the gradebook, simply click New Assignment and select Submission.


6. The Assignments page looks a little different, as well.


7. Improvements include:

  • Search bar to efficiently locate assignments by name or assignment category.

  • A Type column that indicates the Assignment Type. Hover over an icon to see a description of the Assignment Type.

  • Ability to see an Assignments Start Date. Previously teachers could only enter Assignment Due Dates. Now they will be able to enter both Start Dates and Due Dates.

  • Access to your classroom assessment library in the Library tab.

  • Ability to filter the Assignments list by a range of values including Assignment Type, Gradebook Category, Status, Title and Start and Due Dates.