Create Custom Test

This is a recorded webinar on how to create custom tests in Engrade. This provides a step by step overview on how to add different item types from available item banks to a custom test. 



Please review the section descriptions below to navigate through the recording as needed.

1. Overview: 07:00
2. Creating Test Shell: 7:10 – 13:30
3. Adding items from Acuity Item Banks: 13:30–16:39
4. Adding items using the Standards filter: 16:39–19:10
5. Adding items from the Passage bank: 19:10–20:50
6. Creating Technology Enhanced Items: 20:50–30:35
7. Custom Test Functionality: 30:35–36:15
8. Assigning Custom Tests: 36:15–39:40
9. Share and Archive Tests: 39:40–43:45

In closing: Uses for custom tests