Enable Text to Speech In Bulk

This topic covers how to enable the Text-to-Speech feature which will read aloud question text, answer options and associated passages via the ReadSpeaker tool for students who require testing accommodations. 

 Reminder: The Text-to-Speech tool will need to be selected under Test Settings so it can be utilized by   students. For instructions on how to select this option under Test Settings please see Edit: Test Settings.

1. Select the school.


2. Select "Students" on the left side menu.


3. Hover over Bulk Actions button and select "Manage Text-To-Speech Support".


4. In the pop-up window, move students from the left column to the right column by clicking on their name.


  • You may also enter the student ID or Student name in the search field at the bottom to speed the process.

 Note: Text-to-Speech can be enabled for all students in a school, or a select bunch.

5. Once done, select the green "Save" button. 

6. After Text-to-Speech has been enabled for selected students, they are able to utilize this feature by clicking on the ReadSpeaker tool in the top right of the test to have questions read aloud.


7. If the student needs to have the question read to them more than once, they can click on the play icon via the tool manager. To Pause the reading, they can click on that same button.


8. The student can also click on the "Stop" button anytime during the reading to stop the audio.


9. To adjust the volume, the student can click on the "Volume" icon to drag the volume control up or down.


10. Though optional, the Settings icon 2017-11-20_11-56-41.png allows the student to customize how they view tests by selecting;

  • Text highlighting (Will need to be selected by students for passages to be read aloud)
  • Word (with an underline option)
  • Sentence (with an underline option)
  • Text color
  • Enhanced text visibility
  • Reading speed
  • Automatic scrolling
  • Pop-up button

For an explanation of what each setting does, the student can hover over the Question Mark icon.2017-11-20_12-07-11.png  

11. To restore default settings, the student can click on the "Restore default settings" button at the bottom of the pop-up window.