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  • What are the cut scores for 2017?
  • What are the recommended testing windows this year?
    • Form A: 9/11/17-9/29-17 *Kindergarten does not test until Form B
    • Form B: 11/27/17-12/15/17 
    • Form C: 2/5/18-2/23/18
  • What grade level content is in each form?
    • Readiness_Progression.png
    • Form A - 67% below grade, 33% on grade
      Form B - 33% below grade, 67% on grade
      Form C - 100% on grade
  • Why are there no scores for Algebra and Grade 10 Math in the Scale Score data?
    • These tests were revised this year to use better items, which means we only have usable parameters for the calculation for a portion of the items. We apologize for the inconvenience and any difficulty this may cause.
  • Why do the school and other percentiles in Engrade not match the data in my scale scores exports?
    • The export of scale scores uses the scale score itself to calculate the school and other percentiles, while the percentiles shown in Engrade are based on the raw score. In order avoid confusion, we recommend using the scale score data to compare percentiles.