Text-to-Speech: Passages

This topic covers how to have passages read aloud using Text-to-Speech.

1. To have passages read aloud, you will first need to highlight the text. To do this, click on the settings icon on the ReadSpeaker tool to access Text Highlighting settings.


2. Under Settings, turn on Text highlighting.


3.Though optional, you will also see options to customize how the tool highlights the text for you.


4. Once Text highlighting is turned on and you've made your customized selections, you may close the window by clicking on the "Close" button at the bottom.


5. Once done, highlight section of the passage you wish to have read aloud and click on the ReadSpeaker icon below the highlighted text.


6. Once you are done listening to the passage, you may click on the ReadSpeaker icon to the far right of the page to have the question read aloud before selecting your answer selection.


7. Once you are done answering the question, click on the green "Save & Continue" button.