Save Behavior Marks to Gradebook

This topic covers how to save recorded behavior marks to the class Gradebook.

Saving behavior marks to the Gradebook is not necessary for saving behavior marks within Behavior Plus. Behavior marks automatically save once they are assigned to students in Behavior Plus. You will only want to save behavior marks to the Gradebook if you would like behavior points to affect students’ grades in your class.

  1. To access Behavior Plus, select a class.

  2. Select Behavior Plus from the left sidebar.

  3. If desired, use the drop-down menu at the top right to select a range of time. This will combine all behavior points accumulated in that time range into a single Gradebook assignment. 

  4. Once you have assigned behavior marks to students, click the Save to Gradebook button at the top right to save your students’ behavior marks to your class Gradebook.

    You will only want to do this if you would like students’ behavior marks to impact their grade in your class.

  5. To complete adding the behavior marks to the Gradebook, you will need to fill out the New Assignment page.

    • Assignment Name: This will default to “Behavior on (Current Date).” You can modify this title, if desired.
    • Points Possible: This will default to “EC,” but you can change the points possible if you require students to meet a certain minimum of positive behavior points a day.
    • Due Date: This will default to the current date, but can be modified if necessary. 
    • Category: You can choose which category you would like behavior to affect.

  6. Select More options... to reveal additional assignment settings, and make any desired changes. 

  7. Click the green Save Assignment button to create the assignment.

    Any modifications made in Behavior Plus after a day’s behavior marks have been saved to the Gradebook will not be reflected in the Gradebook. Any future modifications will need to be made manually in the Gradebook.