Edit Lesson Plan Sections

This topic covers how to edit sections of existing lesson plans or lesson plan templates.

  1. Hover over the title of the section you wish to edit, and select any of the following options:

    • Up: Select to move the section up one spot on the lesson plan.
    • Down: Select to move the section down one spot on the lesson plan.
    • Edit: Select to edit the content of the section.
    • Delete: Select to delete the entire section from the lesson plan.

  2. Clicking the Edit button will allow you to edit the title and body of your selected section.

  3. You can add files to a text section by selecting the Add Files button directly below the text editor.

  4. You can choose up to 3 new files to upload by selecting the Choose File button, and locating the file(s) you wish to upload on your computer. You can also add a previously uploaded file by selecting the file name from the drop-down menu next to Select an existing file.

  5. Select the green Upload button to add the file(s) to the section.

  6. When you have finished making changes, click the green Save Edits button to save.

  7. When you have finished adding to, editing and formatting your lesson plan or lesson plan template, you may want to disable editing functions by clicking the Toggle Editing button on the left sidebar.

  8. If necessary, these functions can easily be enabled by clicking the Toggle Editing button on the left sidebar again.