Reschedule Items

This topic covers how to reschedule items individually or in bulk on the Lessons page.

Lessons is a feature exclusive to the Engrade Instruct module, which is currently available for purchase at the district level. If you are interested in using Lessons, contact your district administrator to inquire if this feature may be available for your school.

  1. To access the Lessons page, you must first select a class.

  2. Once you have selected a class, select Lessons on the left sidebar.

  3. To reschedule a single item, click on the tile of the item you wish to reschedule, and drag it to the desired position on the weekly grid. You can move tiles to a different day on the grid or to a different position within the same day.

  4. To bulk reschedule items on the weekly grid, hover over the Options button, and select Bulk Rescheduling from the drop-down menu.

  5. To filter the content listed by a specific date range, select a date in the both of the date fields at the top left, and select the Go button.

  6. You can also filter the content list by publisher using the Publisher drop-down, by resource type using the Resource Type drop-down or by student group using the Groups drop-down.

  7. To select an item to reschedule, check the box to the left of the item’s name. If you wish to reschedule all items on the list, select the check box at the far left of the top blue header bar.

  8. To push items by a certain number of days or weeks, check the box next to Push selected items by, enter the desired number of days or weeks in the first field, and select Days or Weeks from the drop-down menu. If you wish to skip weekends, select the box next to Skip Weekends? To enable weekends, deselect this box.

  9. To drop the selected items from the list, check the box next to Drop selected items. This will permanently remove the selected items from the Lessons page.

  10. Once you have made all of your desired selections, select the green Reschedule button to reschedule the selected items.