Navigate the Lessons Grid

This topic covers how to navigate the Lessons grid.

Lessons is a feature exclusive to the Engrade Instruct module, which is currently available for purchase at the district level. If you are interested in using Lessons, contact your district administrator to inquire if this feature may be available for your school.

  1. To access Lessons, you must first select a class.

  2. Once you have selected a class, select Lessons on the left sidebar.

  3. To navigate to a past or future week, hover over the date button at the top left, and select the desired week from the drop-down menu. You can also navigate to previous or future weeks using the << Prev or Next >> buttons, respectively.

  4. Hover over the View button to change the weekly grid view to a month or list view.

    • If you select Month View, you will be taken to your class calendar.
    • If you select List View, you will be taken to a list view of all assigned content in your class.

  5. Hover over the Publisher button, and select a publisher from the drop-down menu to filter the page by items from the selected publisher.

  6. Hover over the Options button, and select Student Progress from the drop-down menu to view student progress on assigned content.

  7. Hover over the Groups button and select a group from the drop-down menu to filter the student list by group.

  8. Select a day of the week on the weekly grid view to open the calendar view for the selected day. You can re-order items by dragging and dropping them to the desired time slot.

  9. To preview an item, simply click on the item’s title on the weekly grid. The content you select will open in a player view. To navigate to other items of content, use the white arrow icons on either side of the preview window.

  10. If you hover over an item on the Lessons grid, you will have several options in the drop-down menu for the selected item:

    • Number of Student Views: You can see how many students in your class have viewed or completed the selected item. 
    • Copy: You can copy the item to the Lessons page for your other classes. 
    • Edit: You can edit the date or visibility setting for the selected item. 
    • Drop: You can permanently remove the selected item from the Lessons page.

  11. If you have several items assigned on a single day, you can click on the green scroll bar to navigate to the additional items.