Share Gradebook

This topic covers how to share access to a class Gradebook with other teachers. 

  1. Select a class to view settings for that class.

  2. Select Settings on the left sidebar.

  3. Select the Teachers tab at the top of the page.

  4. Select the name of the teacher with whom you wish to share the class from the drop-down menu.

  5. If the teacher is the main teacher for the class, check the Primary checkbox.

    The primary teacher will be listed as the teacher in student/parent accounts and on printed reports.

  6. Select the desired permission level from the Permissions drop-down:
    • View Only: Can view grades and attendance but cannot edit anything.
    • Limited Edit: Can edit grades in existing assignments but cannot add new assignments, edit attendance or change class settings.
    • Full Edit: Can edit all class settings, grades and attendance but cannot modify teacher access.
    • Full Moderator: Can edit anything in the account including teacher access.

  7. Once you click the green Add User button, your Gradebook will be shared with the selected teacher and will appear in his/her Engrade teacher account.