View and Edit Spreadsheet

This topic covers how to view and edit a class spreadsheet.

  1. Select a class to access the Spreadsheet app.

  2. Select Spreadsheet from the left sidebar.

  3. To view your spreadsheets, hover over the button at the top left that lists your school name and select the desired spreadsheet name from the drop-down menu.

    If your school only has one spreadsheet available, you may not see this button.

  4. You may click into any cell and type information directly into it. If you have multiple columns, you may need to use the << and >> buttons at the top to view all of your columns.

    Only school administrators can add, modify, or delete columns in the spreadsheets.

  5. You can export the information collected in your spreadsheet as a CSV file if you would like to use the data outside of Engrade. Click the Export button to initiate a download of your current spreadsheet.