Edit Assignments for a Standards Based Gradebook

This topic covers how to view and edit all assignments for any tagged standards.

  1. Select a class to access your standards based Gradebook.

  2. Select Standards from the left sidebar to see an overview of your student’s standards scores.

  3. On the Students tab, you can select the marking period for which you would like to view student standards progress by hovering over the drop-down menu at the top right and clicking the desired marking period.

  4. In the Standards Gradebook, you can view your class standards horizontally across the top and your students vertically down the left side.

  5. The Assessed column displays the percentage of standards that have been assessed for each student.

  6. The Mastered column displays the percentage of standards for which each student has earned a score above your mastery number, as set on the Standards Settings page.

  7. Click on a blue score or small blue dash in the Standards Gradebook for an individual standard to view and edit all assignments for which that standard has been tagged for the selected student.

  8. All the selected student’s assignments for the standard will display in the Assessments pop-up.

  9. Hover over the gear icon to the right of an assignment to edit or delete the assignment.
    • If you select Edit, the row will become editable. You can make changes and click the green Save button.
    • If you select Delete, you will be prompted to confirm deletion of the assessment.

  10. In the Assessments pop-up, you can give a student an individual assessment and standards score by clicking the green Add Individual Score button.

  11. Give the assessment a title, select an assignment category from the drop-down menu, set a date, and enter the student’s score.

  12. Click the green Save button to save your individual assessment.

    If you enter a score for a previously un-assessed standard, the individual assessment will increase the percentage of the bar in the Assessed column in the Standards Gradebook for that student.