Score: Test Questions in Bulk

This topic covers how to score test questions in bulk on the Item Analysis tab.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes on your left sidebar, and then select a test from your Assigned Tests page.

  2. Select the Item Analysis tab. Students’ names will be listed vertically on the left column, and each question in the test will be listed horizontally across the top. Each student’s overall score and individual question response will be displayed and color-coded. 

  3. Select the test question you wish to grade from the top gray horizontal bar.

  4. A scoresheet will open that displays each student’s response to the selected question. You can enter the number of points you wish to give each student in the field to the right of their name/response.

  5. Select All students at the top of the page to grade all students in your class.

  6. Select Students needing scores to only grade students who have not yet been graded for the selected question.

  7. Select Close at the top right to exit the scoresheet.