Grade Turned In Assignments

This topic covers how to view and grade turned-in assignments.

  1. Select a class to view turn-ins for that class.

  2. Select Turn-ins from the left sidebar.

  3. On the Turn-ins page, you can view all of the assignments in your class that have Turn-Ins enabled. You can click Assignment, Due, or Status to sort the assignments on the page.

  4. The status for an assignment will either be Open or Closed.
    • Open indicates that an assignment has turn-ins enabled and the due date for turning in the assignment has not passed.
    • Closed indicates that students can no longer submit turn-ins for that assignment.

  5. You will be able to see how many students in your class have turned in the assignment under the Turn-ins column.

  6. To view turned in assignments, click on the name of an assignment.

  7. Select View to the right of a student’s name to view their turn-in.

  8. If the selected student included a file with their turn-in submission, the file will display in a file viewer. To download the file to your computer, select the download icon at the top of the file viewer. 

  9. Back on the Turn-Ins page, you can view additional files or items submitted by the same student.

  10. Click the drop-down menu next to Viewing: and select another file or type of content you wish to view.
    • Select Submitted Links to view any links submitted by the student.
    • Select Text and/or Multimedia Entry to view any text or multimedia submissions, such as images or videos.
    • Any additional files submitted by the student will also be listed in this menu.

  11. Once you have reviewed a student’s entire submission, you can enter their score in the field next to Points:

    Once you assign a score, the student will no longer be able to submit any additional items for that turn-in, even if the turn-in has not been closed.  

  12. You can enter any comments for the student in the field under Grade Comment.

  13. To create a private discussion between yourself and the student regarding their turn-in, you can type your comments in the available field under Turn-In Discussion. Select the green Add Comment button to initiate a discussion.
    • Any comments the student types back to you in response will be visible on this page.

    Please note that parents will also be able to view and respond to these discussion comments.

  14. To view turn-ins submitted by other students in your class, you can navigate through your student list using the arrow buttons at the top right. Alternatively, you can select a student’s name from the drop-down menu at the top left to navigate directly to that student’s turn-in.

  15. To go back to the student list view, select the Back button at the top left.

  16. If the due date for the assignment has passed, or you wish to disable student submissions for the turn-in, you can select the red Close Turn-ins button at the top right.