End of Year FAQs for Teachers

As you wrap up the school year, we want to review the most frequently asked end-of-year questions regarding your Engrade teacher account.

  • What do I do with my classes at the end of the school year?
    • You can Archive your classes, which will place them in the Archive folder for students and parents. Once they navigate to this folder, they can view their class grades.
    • Something to note: Classes are sorted by grading periods in Engrade, so as you move into a new year you will see only your current classes.  You can always jump to previous years by selecting the appropriate grading period from the top right dropdown menu.
  • How do I remove students from my classes so I can get the classes ready for next year’s students?
    • You should not do this! Leave all of the students in this year’s class, preserving all of their work and grades. You will want to instead create a brand new class for next year, and enroll students into the new class appropriately.
  • How do I clear my gradebook for the next grading period?
    • Again, you should not do this! Leave all of the grades in the gradebook. We also recommend that you export the gradebook to save a hard copy of your class grades. Then you may archive the class.
  • I need to save records of attendance. How do I do this?
    • Navigate into the class and select Attendance on the left side menu. Then, you have the option of exporting records from either the Month tab or the All Time tab. Once you’ve chosen your preferred view, select the Export button in the top right corner. This will prompt a download of a CSV file listing all of the attendance marks.
  • Can I reuse this year’s assignments next year in my new classes?
    • Yes. You do have the option of copying a class, including its assignments, into a new grading period.  Or, if you have already created your class for the new year, you can copy assignments from a past class into your new class.
  • What do I do with my report cards at the end of the school year?
    • The digital report cards will be preserved online within the Report Card app. Your school admin can also back up and save a hard copy of your report cards at anytime.  Please see our Report Card page for more information.
  • What will happen to my grades if I am leaving the school?
    • Your administrator will most likely archive your teacher account, disabling your access to login. The classes and grade data will remain with the school.  Please inquire with your administrator if you have further questions.
  • When will I see next year’s classes and students?
    • Your school administrator will be responsible for creating the new grading period and marking period terms, as well as updating the student roster for the new year. They may create classes for you, or you may create them on your own, once the new grading period has been setup.

If you have further questions, check out our help articles for Teachers.