Edit Custom Attendance Marks

This topic covers how to edit custom attendance marks.

Changing attendance marks mid-year is not recommended. If an attendance mark is changed or removed mid-year, the mark and its associated data will no longer be visible in Engrade.

  1. Select Attendance from the left sidebar.

  2. To view all add, modify or delete the school's custom attendance marks, click the Custom Marks tab.

  3. On this tab, you can add, modify or delete up to 10 custom attendance marks. Ensure that each mark has the following information filled out:

    • Mark: Enter the desired alphanumeric symbol. (Up to five characters.)
    • Name: Enter the name of the mark.
    • TypeSelect the most appropriate type for the mark.
      • Present
      • Tardy
      • Tardy (excused)
      • Tardy (unexcused)
      • Absent
      • Absent (excused)
      • Absent (unexcused)
      • Absent (Half-Day)
    • Color: Choose the desired color.
    • Default: Check the box of the mark that you would like to be selected by default when taking attendance.

      Absent (Half-Day) allows for half days to be calculated into the attendance data that displays on Engrade's custom report cards only. All attendance marks—including half day marks—will count as one whole mark in Engrade.

  4. Click the green Submit button to save your custom attendance marks.