Using the Text Editor: Overview

This topic covers the basics of using the text editor.

  1. The Edit menu offers the following options:
    • Undo: Undo your last action.
    • Redo: Redo your last action.
    • Cut: Remove the selected text and copy it to your clipboard.
    • Copy: Copy selected text to your clipboard.
    • Paste: Insert text from your clipboard.
    • Paste as text: Insert only text without formatting.
    • Select all: Select all in section.
    • Find and replace: Find and replace a word or phrase in the section.

  2. The Insert menu offers the following options:
    • Insert video: Insert a video.
    • Insert image: Insert an image.
    • Insert link: Create a hyperlink.
    • Special character: Insert a special character.
    • Anchor: Insert an anchor.

  3. The View menu offers the following options:
    • Show blocks: Display paragraph block markers.
    • Visual aids: Display visual aids.
    • Preview: View a preview of your current section in a pop-up window.

  4. The Format menu offers the following options:
    • Bold: Bold text.
    • Italic: Italicize text.
    • Underline: Underline text.
    • Strikethrough: Strikethrough text.
    • Superscript: Make text superscript.
    • Subscript: Make text subscript.
    • Formats: Add headers, apply text formatting, insert blocks and adjust text alignment.
    • Clear formatting: Clear all formatting from text in the section.

  5. The Table menu offers the following options:
    • Insert table: Insert a table in the section.
    • Table properties: View and adjust table properties.
    • Delete table: Delete a table.
    • Cell: Modify table cells.
    • Row: Modify table rows.
    • Column: Modify table columns.

  6. The Tools menu offers the following options:
    • Source code: Enter your own HTML coding.

  7. Use the text buttons to adjust the font family, font size, formatting and layout of your text.

  8. You can also modify the text and background colors, create lists, add bullets and highlight text.