View Behavior History

This topic covers how to view the history of the assigned behavior marks for all students.

  1. Select Behavior Plus from the left sidebar.

  2. To view all students’ behavior marks over a selected range of time, click the History tab.

  3. The date will default to the current date. You can change the date range by clicking on each date. This will bring up a small calendar window where you can select which date you would like to view.

  4. On this tab, you can view the student name, sum of behavior points and sum of points for each type of mark recorded.

  5. The Points View option will display the sum of behavior points that were assigned.

  6. The Marks View option will display the number of times behavior marks were assigned.

  7. If you click directly on a student’s name, you will be taken to a view of the selected student’s behavior page.

  8. You can choose to print this page by clicking the Print button in the top right.