Edit Student Report Cards

This topic covers how to edit student report cards.

Engrade is no longer accepting new orders of custom report cards for schools. All current report card school customers can continue to use their existing report cards service as usual. However, new orders for report cards or report cards templates will not be accepted.

  1. Hover over Apps on the top navigation bar, and select Report Cards from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select the name of the school for which you would like to view report cards.

  3. On the All Templates page, select View to the right of the desired school year to view those report cards and report card templates.

  4. Click directly on the name of a template or select Manage in the View column to view all classes associated with that template.

  5. On the Class List page, you will see all of the classes at your school that meet the selected template’s grade level parameters.

  6. Hover over the drop-down menu at the top right and select the appropriate grading period that you would like to view.

    If your school uses marking periods, you may only have one grading period available for the current school year.

  7. Click directly on the name of the class for which you would like to view student report cards.

  8. On the Student List page, select the name of the student whose report card you would like to edit. The student's report card will open in a new window.

  9. You can enter data into any of the cells (except the locked white fields). To edit the data in a cell, click directly onto the data that you would like to change. You may then add, edit or delete any information in the selected cell.

  10. When you have finished making changes, the report card will automatically save and the edited cells will turn pink.

    Once a cell turns pink, it will no longer pull in information from Engrade and will need to be manually edited in the future, if necessary.

  11. If you accidentally delete or change data and want the information that was pulled from Engrade back, delete all data from the pink cell, ensuring that the cell turns yellow. On the next refresh, data from Engrade will be pulled back into the affected cell.

  12. When you hover over a cell, you will see a Fill All icon pop up on the right side. Select this icon to copy the contents of the current cell to the same cell on every student’s report card in the selected class.
    • This function is useful when you know each student in a class needs the same value in a cell. For example, grade level and total days in a quarter should be consistent across all students in a class.
    • After you have clicked the Fill All icon, you will be prompted with a pop-up window to confirm that you would like to take this action.
    • By clicking OK, you are agreeing to overwrite any data in the current cell on every student’s report card in the selected class.
    • If you hit the icon in error, select Cancel and no changes will be made.