Edit Assignments in Bulk

This topic covers how to modify the settings for all class assignments at once.

  1. Select the class for which you would like to edit assignments in bulk.

  2. Select Assignments on the left sidebar.
  3. Hover over the gear icon at the top right of the blue header bar, and select Edit Assignments from the drop-down menu.

  4. You can filter the assignment list by Unit or Category (if available) using the drop-down menus at the top left. If you share access to your class with other teachers, you can also use the Assignments drop-down menu to filter the assignments on the page. Select All Assignments to list all assignments for the class, or select My Assignments to list only assignments that you have created.

  5. On the Bulk Edit Assignments page, you can edit the following settings for your assignments:

    • Name: Enter the desired name for the assignment in this field.
    • Due Date: Enter the date that the assignment is due.
    • Points: Enter the total amount of points a student can earn on the assignment.
    • Category: Select the category in which the assignment belongs from the drop-down menu.
    • Discussions: Check the box in the Discussions column to allow students and parents to post topics to a discussion board for this assignment.
    • Turn-In: Check the box in the Turn-In column to allow students to turn-in the assignment online from their student accounts.
    • Visible to Students: Check the box in the Visible to Students column to allow students to view the assignment from their student accounts.

  6. If you wish to apply the same settings to all assignments listed on the page, you can use the fields and drop-down menus to the right of Apply Settings to All Listed Assignments to select your desired settings.

  7. Select the green Save Assignments button to save your changes.