Use Rubric to Score Assignments

This topic covers how to use a rubric to score assignments.

  1. Select the assignment you wish to grade from your Gradebook. 

  2. Under Student Scores, select Use Rubric to the right of the student whose assignment you wish to grade.

  3. To score an assignment using the rubric tool, you can select one square for each objective. This will automatically assign the student the number of points associated with that square.

    Teacher selections on the rubric are intended for scoring purposes only. These selections cannot be viewed at a later date by teachers or students.

  4. Once you have selected a square for each objective, select Close to close the rubric window, or select Next Student to score the assignment for the next student on the list.

  5. Once you have finished scoring your assignments, select the green Save Assignments button at the bottom of the student list to save the scores.