Add Rubric to Assignment

This topic covers how to add an existing rubric to an assignment or create a new rubric for an assignment.

  1. To create an assignment, select the New Assignment button at the top of the Gradebook. Alternatively, if you wish to use a rubric on an assignment you have already created, select the name of the assignment in your Gradebook.

  2. To use an existing rubric you have already created, select the name of the rubric from the Rubric drop-down menu.

  3. To create a new rubric, select -New rubric- from the drop-down menu.

  4. Next to the Rubric drop-down menu, you can select your desired size from the drop-down menu labeled 4×3 (the default rubric size).

  5. Enter a name for your rubric in the field next to Rubric Title.

  6. Enter an objective into each box labeled Objective, and enter descriptions to accompany each objective into the corresponding boxes to the right of each objective.

  7. Enter a name and point value above each description.

    The rubric is arranged from lowest to highest. Therefore, you should begin with the lowest values and progress to the highest values when creating your rubric.

  8. Select a scoring method from the drop-down menu next to Scoring TypeAverage Score will take the average of the number of points earned for each objective. Total Score will give the student the total amount of points earned from each objective.

  9. Enter the rest of the details for the assignment, including Points, Due Date, and Category. You can select More options... to enable some more advanced assignment settings, including tagging standards, entering an assignment description and copying the assignment to other classes.

  10. Once you have finished setting up your rubric and entering your assignment details, select the Save Assignment button to save the assignment.