View Data Wall

This topic covers how to view student performance on multiple instances of an assessment. The Data Wall is used to show student progress over time on assessments. To effectively use the Data Wall, the assessments must be similar or the same so administrators can view the progress of the students throughout the school year.

  1. Select Reporting from the left sidebar.


  2. To filter to the desired assessment, pick the year, subject(s), and grade level(s). Then choose the type of assessment (school level Benchmark Assessments). The assessments that meet the parameters of the filters will generate at the bottom of the page. Select up to 15 available assessments. When finished, select the green button Compare Assessments.


  3. Once you have results, you can view detailed information for an assessment by clicking on the assessment’s name in the column heading.


  4. Select the Data Wall tab.


  5. In the Filter Assessments section select years, subjects, and grades for the desired assessments you want to compare. When the filters are completed, choose the type of assessment (school level Benchmark Assessments) The assessments that meet the parameters of the filters will generate at the bottom of the page.


  6. In the Select Assessments section, choose two assessments you wish to compare. In the left column, the defaulted assessment is the "current score" which was the assessment picked in step 4. The right column displays the assessments you want to compare to the current one. Once you've selected the two assessments to compare, select the green Create Data Wall button. 


  7. On the Data Wall view students' performance on the two assessments you chose to compare.
    • The colors of the tiles indicates the students' performance on the first instance of the assessment. This assessment name appears in the right side menu at the top.  
    • The colors of the background Tier columns indicates the students' performance on the latest instance of the assessment. This assessment name appears in the left side menu at the top.


  8. You can click on an individual student’s tile to open the selected student’s card.
    • On the card, you can view the information about the student’s performance on each instance of the assessment.
    • For each instance of an assessment, you can view the instance name, student score, school percentage and district percentage.


  9. Selecting the Update Search button in the top left will take you back to Reporting, where you can select new parameters for the assessments you wish to compare. 

  10. Use the two blue menus in the top middle to toggle between assessments you wish to compare. The assessment name in the left side menu is the Current test. These results display in the students' individual tiles. The assessment name in the right side menu is the Previous test.  These results display in the Tiers.  


  11. Select the tab View in Reporting to compare the two assessments back on the Reporting grid.


  12. Select Print to print the current Data Wall.