View Standards Analysis

This topic describes how to view student performance on each standard—if standards were tagged to questions—on the Standards Analysis tab.

  1. Select Reporting from the left sidebar.

  2. Select parameters and assessments to compare.

  3. Once you have results, you can view detailed information for an assessment by clicking on the assessment’s name in the column heading.

  4. Select the Standards Analysis tab to see how each student performed on each standard (if standards were tagged to questions).

    Note: Standards would need to be aligned to test questions in order to obtain these results

  5. On the top blue bar, you can click on each standard code to view the full-length standard description in a pop-up window.


  6. You can also choose to sort the standards alphabetically or by performance by hovering over the Sort Standards icon and clicking the desired option.

  7. Select the Filter button to filter assessment results by gender and/or ethnicity:


  8. Print or Export this page by clicking the corresponding button.