Import Assignments

This topic covers how to import assignments using a CSV file.

  1. Select a class to import assignments for that class.

  2. Select Assignments from the left sidebar.

  3. Hover over the Options button, and select Import Assignments from the drop-down menu.


  4. Use the provided templates on the Import Assignments page to format your assignments for import. You can download a template by selecting this template at the top of the page. 

    If you select the Basic import mode, the basic template will download. A Basic import allows you to upload assignments to one assignment category.  

    If you select the Advanced import mode, the advanced template will download. An Advanced import allows you to upload assignments to multiple assignments categories.

    You can use a previously exported Gradebook (.csv file) from another class to import assignments into Engrade. Ensure you select Basic as your import mode. You will also need to remove the assignment ID numbers that are listed in row 6 of the export file.

  5. Fill out the template completely without making any changes to the column headers. Each template should be formatted as follows:

    Basic Mode: New assignments should be added in the next available column, beginning in column F: row 2 - Assignment Name, row 3 - Assignment Category Name*, row 4 - Due Date (YYYYMMDD), row 5 - Points Possible, row 6 (leave blank).

    (If you wish to import student scores on the Basic template, add the score to their corresponding row of the appropriate assignment column.  Do not input Grade or Percent column values. These will be automatically updated upon import.)

    Advanced Mode: New assignments should be added in the next available row, beginning in row 2: column A - Assignment Name, column B - Points Possible, column C - Due Date (YYYYMMDD), column D - Assignment Category Name*, column E - Description (optional), column F - Show Students?, column G - Add to Calendar?, column H - Add to Discussions?, column I - Add to Turn-ins? 

    Assignment Category Name*: Assignment category names must be an exact match of current categories existing in the class you are importing assignments into.  To review the assignment categories existing in the class, see here: Set Assignment Categories

    (If you wish to import students’ scores on the Advanced template, you may do so by adding a new row under each assignment title. Each row must contain information for only one student’s assignment score as follows: column A - Student ID, column B - Student's score, column C - Student's name.)

    Remove any special characters, such as commas, exclamation points, tildes or accent marks from the file before attempting to upload it.

  6. Once you have finished filling out your import template, you will want to save the file as a .csv file. Open the file in Excel, and select File and Save As.

    • If you are using a Windows computer, save the file as a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file.
    • If you are using a Mac computer, you will need to save your CSV file in a slightly different format. Under Format, select Windows Comma Separated (.csv) from the drop-down and save your file.

  7. Click the Choose File button to select the file from your computer. Then click the Submit button to upload the file into Engrade.

  8. Click the green Confirm Changes button to complete the upload.

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