Take Attendance

This topic covers how to take attendance in a class.

  1. Select a class to take attendance for that class.

  2. Select Attendance from the left sidebar.

  3. The Attendance page will default to the Day tab, and will default to the current date. If you wish to select a different date, you can navigate to the desired date using the arrow buttons on either side of the date field. Alternatively, click directly in the date box to navigate to a specific date using the calendar widget.

  4. Select an attendance mark to the right of each student’s name to assign the mark to that student.

  5. When you are finished taking attendance, click the green Save button at the top to save your attendance.

  6. If you need to remove all of the day’s attendance marks, you can do so by clicking the trash can icon to the right of the Save button.

  7. To print the selected day’s attendance marks, hover over the Print button at the top right and select Print Daily Attendance Report. Additionally, you can choose other types of attendance reports from this drop-down menu.

  8. To export the selected day’s attendance marks, select the Export button at the top right.