Enter Student Information in Spreadsheet

This topic covers how to enter student information into an existing spreadsheet.

You must create at least one column in order to begin entering data for students.

  1. Select Spreadsheet from the left sidebar.

  2. To select a spreadsheet, hover over the button at the top left that lists your school name to see a drop-down list of your school’s available spreadsheets.

  3. Select a spreadsheet from the drop-down menu to open that spreadsheet.

  4. You may click into any cell and type information directly into it.

  5. If you have multiple columns, you may need to use the << and >> buttons at the top to view all of the columns.

    If enabled, teachers will be able to view the spreadsheet in their classes. However, only students in their class rosters will appear in the student list, and they will not be able to add or edit column headings.