Create Classes

This topic covers how to create a class.

Depending on settings put in place by your school or district, you may not be able to create new classes directly in your Engrade account. If your school is synced through an SIS, please contact your school’s administrator and request that your class be added into the SIS in order for it to appear in Engrade.

  1. Click the Create New Class button at the top of your active class list.

  2. On the Create New Class page, enter the appropriate information for the new class into each box, including Class Name and Period of the Day.

  3. Select the appropriate options from the drop-down menus, including: School Year, Grading Period, Grade Level, Subject Area, student sort option (Sort Students), Name Order and Gradebook Configuration. You may also choose the desired student and parent communication options by checking the appropriate boxes.

  4. Once you have finished entering information on this page, click the green Next button.

  5. On the Grading Scale page, you can set up a custom grading scale for your class, or select one of the preset options.

    For detailed instructions on setting up a grading scale, please see the support article: Set Grading Scale

  6. Below the grading scale, you can set up assignment categories. If you would like to set up assignment categories, select the Yes bubble next to Use assignment categories?

    For detailed instructions on how to set up assignment categories, please see the support article: Set Assignment Categories

  7. Click the green Next button to create your class.

    All settings selected during the setup of your class can be modified by selecting Settings on the left sidebar within the newly created class. For more information on how to adjust class settings, please see the support article: Set Basic Settings for Gradebook