Edit Discussion Settings

This topic covers how to edit discussion board settings.

    1. Select a class to view discussions for that class.

    2. Select Discussions from the left sidebar.

    3. If you would like to allow students to create their own discussion topics, click the Change Settings link at the top. This will direct you to the Basic Settings page for your class.

    4. Check the box next to any discussion settings you wish to enable: 

      • Allow students to post topics to the discussion board allows students to create discussion topics.
      • Allow student attachments in discussion board posts allows students to attach files to their discussion posts.
      • Allow student rich text in discussion board posts provides students with a rich text editor they can utilize when posting to the discussion board.

Please note: Changing the discussion settings applies to all discussions in the class. See Set Basic Settings for Gradebook for more information.

  1. Click the green Submit button to save your changes.