Print All Students Basic Reports

With multiclass reports, you can print reports for students who are enrolled in multiple classes that you teach. This topic covers how to print a basic multiclass report for all students.

A student must be enrolled in at least two classes that you teach in order to have a multiclass report.

  1. You can select Multiclass Reports from the left sidebar.

  2. Select the correct grading/marking period for which you would like to create the reports from the drop-down menu at the top right.

  3. Hover over the Print Reports button at the top left.

  4. Select Basic Report from the drop-down menu. A basic report will list each student’s name, class name, and the overall letter grade and percentage for each class.

  5. The reports will open in a new browser window or tab for you to print. You can use the Print function on your web browser to print the reports. 

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