View Assessment Results

Engrade allows you to view your students’ test results for all assessments.

  1. You must first select a class to view the test results for that class.

  2. Then select Reporting from the left sidebar.

  3. You can export this page by clicking the Export button at the top right.

  4. Select a student's name to view all of the assessments that student has taken, including his/her score on each.

    • You can filter this page by test provider, subject area and grade level by hovering over the appropriate button and clicking your desired option from the drop-down menu.
    • You can Export or Print this page by clicking the corresponding button at the top right.
    • If you would like to switch between students on this page, you can do so by hovering over the button with the current student’s name in the top left and clicking on the desired student’s name from the drop-down menu.

  5. On the Reporting page, click the Update Search Criteria button to narrow your results by subject, grade level, and providers.

  6. Select the checkboxes next to the filters you want.

  7. Click the green Compare Assessments button to filter your students’ assessment scores.

  8. An asterisk * before a test name indicates that the test is still in progress, and the data you are viewing is the most current progress for your students.

  9. Student scores are color-coded in the following way:

    • Blue = Top Quartile ≥ 75
    • Green = Upper Quartile/Mastery ≥ 50
    • Yellow = Lower Quartile/Partial Mastery ≥ 25
    • Red = Bottom Quartile/Below Mastery ≥ 0

  10. To view an individual student’s correct answers and results trend, hover over the score tile. Details on the score will display:

    • Full Credit Answers: This displays the percentage of questions on which the student received full credit.
    • Results Trend: This displays the order of correct and incorrect answers given by the student.

  11. If you click on a student’s class average, you will be taken to that student’s Scores page.

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