View Assessment Results

Engrade allows you to view your students’ test results for all assessments.

  1. You must first select a class to view the test results for that class.

  2. Then select Reporting from the left sidebar.

  3. On the Results page, student names will appear vertically down the left column and their class average and assessment scores appear horizontally across the top.

  4. The assessment results that display will match the class's Subject Area settings. If you would like to revise your compared assessments, click the Update Search Criteria button to be taken to the Assessment Results page to modify your parameters.

  5.  On the Assessment Results page, select the appropriate parameters for the assessment results you would like to view.
    • Years: Select the desired test start and end years from the drop-down menus.
    • Subject: Select the box to the left of the desired subject areas or Select all to check them all.
    • Grade Assessed: Select the box to the left of the desired grade or Select all to check them all.
    • Providers: Select the box to the left of the desired test provider or Select all to check them all.

  6. Once you have customized the parameters for the assessments you would like to view, select the box(es) to the left of each assessment you would like to compare (up to 15).

     An asterisk * before a test name indicates that the test is still in progress, and the data you are viewing is the most current progress for your students.

  7. Click the green Compare Assessments button to view the selected assessment information. 

  8. Back on the Results grid, student scores are color-coded in the following way: 
    • Blue = Tier 4 ≥ 75
    • Green = Tier 3 ≥ 50
    • Yellow = Tier 2 ≥ 25
    • Red = Tier 1 ≥ 0

  9. If you ever forget the color coding scale, hover over the ... on the color key row to view the color keys. 


  10. Hover over the Assessment Score button and select the desired option from the drop-down menu:
    • Assessment Score
    • School Percentile
    • District Percentile (*if your school is a part of a district implementation)

  11. Hover over the Groups button to filter assessment results by a particular student group:


  12. You can Export or Print this page by selecting the corresponding button at the top right. 


  13. Hover over a student's score on an assessment to view additional information on their results.  
    • Responses earning full credit will show you the percentage of questions the student answered correctly.  Click the arrow icon in the top right corner of the results trend box to be taken to the Item Analysis page for the selected assessment.  
    • Results Trend will display the order in which students answered questions correctly or incorrectly.  
    • Lowest Performing Standard will display the standards on which the student performed poorly

    Note: Standards would need to be aligned to test questions in order to obtain these results


  14. Select a student's name to view all of the assessments that student has taken, including his/her score on each.

    • You can filter this page by test provider, subject area and grade level by hovering over the appropriate button and clicking your desired option from the drop-down menu.
    • You can Export or Print this page by clicking the corresponding button at the top right.
    • If you would like to switch between students on this page, you can do so by hovering over the button with the current student’s name in the top left and clicking on the desired student’s name from the drop-down menu.