View My Materials Content

This topic covers how to access My Materials content in the repository.

  1. Select a class to access My Materials content.

  2. Select Repository from the left sidebar.

  3. Select the My Materials tab. Content you have created in Engrade, such as wikis and flashcards, will appear on this tab of the repository. Items you have bookmarked from the repository will also appear on this tab.

  4. Beneath an item, you can select from a variety of options:
    • Select View to view the content.
    • Select Assign to assign content to a class or classes.
    • Select Bookmark to add the content to the My Materials tab.
    • Select Flag to mark the content as broken.
    • Select Edit to view and edit the meta data associated with a piece of content. This information provides context for your content and allows for easier filtering and searching within the repository.
    • Select Share to send your content to a school administrator for approval to be added to the school’s repository.

      If your content is approved and added to the school’s repository, it will be available in all teachers’ repositories. Additionally, it may be used by the district and any school within the school district.