Edit Standards in Bulk

School Administrators can upload custom standard sets for use in standards tagging and tracking within your Engrade account. This topic describes how to edit custom standards in bulk.

You cannot export or edit pre-loaded standard sets.

  1. Hover over Apps on the top navigation bar, and select Standards from the drop-down menu.

  2. On the Manage Standard Sets page, select the name of the standards set you wish to edit.

  3. Click the Export button to export the standards set into an editable CSV file.

  4. You can edit the existing standards in the downloaded CSV file. 

    If you wish to add new standards to an existing standards set, please see the support article: Append Standards Set

  5. If you are using a Windows computer, save the file as a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file.

  6. If you are using a Mac computer, you will need to save your CSV file in a slightly different format. If you use the default Comma Separated Values (.csv) file format, you may be unable to upload your file.

    • Open the file in Excel, and select File and Save As.
    • Under Format, select Windows Comma Separated (.csv) from the drop-down and save your file.

  7. Once you have saved your file, hover over the Append Standards button and select one of the following options:

    • Select Single Subject if you only want to upload one subject’s standards.
    • Select Multi Subject if you want to upload multiple subjects at once.

  8. On the Append Standards page, click the Choose File button.

  9. Select the appropriate file from your computer.

  10. If you selected Single Subject, select a subject from the Subject drop-down. If you selected Multi Subjects, the subjects will be included as part of your CSV file.

  11. Click the green Submit button to upload your updated standards.