View Standards Grid

School Administrators can create custom standard sets for use in standards tagging and tracking within your Engrade account. Custom standard sets, including state, county, district, or school standards, can be adapted for use in Engrade. This topic describes how to view the standards grid.

If your school uses marking periods, your Standards page may show progress for the entire school year.

  1. Select Standards from the left sidebar.

  2. Select the Grid tab. The standards grid shows the percent mastery of each class for each standard using the class’s definition of mastery.

  3. From the Standard Set drop-down menu, select the standard set for which you would like to view student progress.

  4. You can filter this page by specific standards categories using the All Categories drop-down menu.

  5. You can filter your classes on this page by clicking the Filter button.

  6. In the Refine pop-up window, you can filter your classes by a variety of parameters:

    • Grading Period: Select the desired grading period from the drop-down menu.
    • Grade Level: Select the desired grade level from the drop-down menu.
    • Subject: Select the desired subject area from the drop-down menu.
    • Status: Select to view either Active Only or Active and Archived classes from the drop-down menu.
    • View: You can select the desired view for the standards grid.
    • Names: You can select the option to display class names or teacher names on the far left column of the grid.

  7. Click the green Filter Classes button to filter by your selected parameters.

  8. To view all standards, click the blue right-facing arrow to the right of each standard to expand the selected standard group in the grid.

  9. Alternatively, you can collapse the groups by selecting the blue left-facing arrow to the right of each standard.

  10. You can print or export this page by selecting either the Print or Export button at the top of the page.