View Class Standards Performance

School Administrators can create custom standard sets for use in standards tagging and tracking within your Engrade account. Custom standard sets, including state, county, district, or school standards, can be adapted for use in Engrade. This topic describes how to view standards performance for an individual class and for an individual student.

  1. Select Standards from the left sidebar.

  2. From the Standard Set drop-down menu, select the standard set for which you would like to view student progress.

  3. You can filter this page by specific standards categories using the All Categories drop-down menu.

  4. If you would like to view an individual class’s standards performance, select the desired class’s name.

  5. You will be directed to the Students tab in the Standards section of the selected class’s Gradebook.

  6. In the Standards Gradebook, you can view the class standards horizontally across the top and the class students vertically down the left side.

    • The Assessed column displays the percentage of standards that have been assessed for each student.
    • The Mastered column displays the percentage of standards for which each student has earned a score above the mastery number, as set on the Standards Settings page.

  7. Click directly on a student’s name to view his/her individual standards progress. You will be directed to the Standards tab for the selected student.

  8. On this tab, you can view class standards on which the selected student has been assessed and his/her score and mastery level for each standard.