Set Grading Scale

This topic covers how to set up a grading scale for a class.

  1. Select a class to access settings for that class.

  2. Select Settings from the left sidebar.

  3. Select the Grade Settings tab to adjust the grading scale for your Gradebook.

  4. Select an option from the Select your grade scale drop-down.

  5. Administrators can create preset grading scales from which you can select for your class. If your administrator has configured preset grading scales, you will have these options available in the drop-down menu next to Select your grade scale

  6. If your administrator has not created a pre-set scale, you may create a custom scale:
      • Select the Custom option to set up a custom scale.
      • Set the desired letter grades and percentages in the boxes.
      • The numbers in the Low and High boxes will automatically adjust as you are modifying your percentage ranges.
      • To add or remove additional lines, click Add Row or Drop Row.
      • You can set numbers or words instead of letters in the Grade column, and then set a range for each number.

    The maximum number of rows you can add to a grading scale is 20 rows.

    It is recommended that you set Show Percentages to No with this type of scale, as the percentage does not necessarily reflect the grade earned.

  7. You can also select from Engrade’s default scales. These include:
    • A-B-C 10% Brackets: Select this option to automatically set traditional 10 point brackets for your grades. A will be set for grades between 90% and 100%, B will be set for grades between 80% and 89.9%, C will be set for grades between 70% and 79.9%, D will be set for grades between 60% and 69.9%, and F will be set for anything below 60%.
    • 0-100 Grade = Percentage: Select this option to remove letter grades from displaying in your Gradebook. Instead of a letter grade, the students’ grades will only show the average percentage of the assignment scores.
    • Manual: This setting will allow you to override grades automatically calculated by Engrade.

      You may want to set some other scale to calculate your averages initially and then select Manual to override letter grades at a later date.

  8. If you select Manual as your scale, you can enter grades by hovering over Options on the Gradebook page, and selecting Enter Grades from the drop-down menu.

  9. When you select Enter Grades, you will be able to enter the desired letter grade (numbers or words can also be entered) for each student in your class. This grade will display instead of the letter grade calculated by Engrade.

  10. Click the green Save Settings button to save your grade scale settings.