Add Standard Scores for Classic + Standards Gradebooks

This topic covers how to create assignments for Classic + Standards (Scaled) or Classic + Standards (Mapped) Gradebook configurations.

  1. Select a class to create assignments and add scores.

  2. Select Gradebook from the left sidebar.

  3. To create a new assignment, click the New Assignment button at the top left of the Gradebook.

  4. On the New Assignment page, enter the assignment name, points possible, due date and assignment category.

  5. From the Select Standard Set drop-down, select the standard set from which you would like to tag standards.

  6. Click Tag Standards to choose standards for your assignment.

  7. In the pop-up window, click the box to the left of each standard you would like to tag. You can also search for a standard by keyword by entering a word or phrase in the text box at the bottom right.

  8. Click the green Submit button to tag your standard(s).

  9. If you have already scored the students’ performance on the assignment, you can add the students’ scores now.
    • In Basic mode, you will enter student scores as usual, click the green Save Assignment, and Engrade will automatically fill a standards score for each tagged standard based on each student’s overall score.
    • In Advanced mode, you will not have the option to add student scores when creating or editing an assignment. You will be able to enter assignment and standard scores after creating your assignment on the Standards Scores tab.

    For more information about the different types of standards modes, see the following support article: Set Additional Standards Settings

  10. When you have finished customizing your assignment’s settings and adding student scores, click the green Save Assignment button to create the assignment.

  11. To access/modify your students’ standards scores on an assignment, select Assignments from the left sidebar.

  12. Select an assignment to access and/or modify standards scores for that assignment.

  13. On the Edit Assignment page, select the Standards Scores tab.

  14. If Basic mode is enabled, standard scores will be automatically calculated on this page.

  15. If Advanced mode is enabled, you will need to enter assignment scores manually into the first column of the grid for standard scores to calculate.

  16. If Link assignment scores to assessment scores is selected, Engrade will automatically calculate standards scores based on students' assignment scores.

  17. Additionally, you can also adjust the calculated standards scores to reflect the standards score your student has actually earned, if necessary.

  18. If you uncheck Link assignment scores to assessment scores, you may enter assignment scores and standards scores separately.

  19. The Fill Blanks button will allow you to have Engrade calculate any standards scores that have not been filled.

  20. The Clear All button will remove all scores. Once saved, standards scores may then be viewed by selecting Standards on the left sidebar of your account.

  21. When you have finished entering your students’ assignment and standards scores, click the green Save Scores button at the bottom of the page to save your scores.