View Student Details

This topic covers how to view student details, including phone number, email address, gender, ethnicity, DOB, and address from the Students page.

  1. Select a class.

  2. Select Students from the left sidebar.

  3. Hover over the Options button, and select View Student Details from the drop-down menu.

  4. The Student Details page will display your students’ account details, including: phone number, email address, gender, ethnicity, DOB and address.

  5. You can view all the students’ information in your browser by clicking the << and >> arrows to scroll the page.

  6. Click the Filter button to filter the page by a student’s custom fields, as set by your school administrator.

  7. You can also export your students’ information as a CSV file by clicking the Export button.

  8. If you would like to message a specific group of students, you can click the check box to the left of each student’s name and click the Message Selected button. This will direct you to compose a new message with the recipients already selected.

  9. To view an individual student’s information, select his/her name.

  10. The following tabs of information will display for the selected student, depending on your school’s settings:
    • Info
    • Scores
    • Standards
    • Marking Periods
    • Classes
    • Attendance
    • Behavior Plus
    • Assessments
    • Accounts