View: Standards Analysis

This topic covers how to view the Standards Analysis tab for a test.

If you do not see the Standards Analysis tab for a particular test, then standards tagging was not performed on the test’s questions, or your school or district is not using Standards tracking within Engrade.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes on the left sidebar.

  2. Select a test on your Assigned Tests page.

  3. Select the Standards Analysis tab.


  4. Students’ names will be listed vertically down the left column, and each standard that was assessed in the test will be listed horizontally across the top.

  5. Each student’s performance level on the standard will be color-coded, and display their percentage of mastery on the standard (based on whether the test question was answered correctly or incorrectly).

  6. The class’s average percentage score will be listed under the standard’s code in the top grey bar.

  7. On the top grey bar, click on each standard code to view the full-length standard description in a pop-up window.

  8. Select a student’s name in the left column to view their individual scoresheet.

  9. Hover over the Sort Standards button to re-sort this grid view in one of two ways:
    • By Standard Set will list each standard in set order (if you have multiple standard sets assigned to your school) or in alphabetical (code) order.
    • By Performance will re-sort standards to list the lowest performing standards (based on questions answered incorrectly) in the first column, up to the highest performing standards in the last column.

  10. Utilize the Print and Export buttons at the top right to print or export the standards analysis.

  11. Select the Back to Assigned Tests button to navigate back to your Assigned Tests view.